This Sunday evening, the performance company Opera 21 will visit Torrevieja offering their version of Mozart’s The Magic Flute to the audience at the Auditorium.

Opera 21 organises and produces lyrical performances in Spain and France and plans to expand soon to other countries like Japan. The company is made up of around 100 members, with 45 of them forming the symphonic orchestra, who will perform live at the Auditorium.

The company’s main aim is to keep the most famous plays in the operatic repertoire alive, so that younger generations can learn to love watching them live on stage at the theatre.

This performance of The Magic Flute will be given in its original version – German – with subtitles in Spanish.

Opera 21’s production of The Magic Flute is a pure fantasy. It is freely inspired by the Stargate series, with a setting that blends ancient Egypt with elements of science fiction. The scene is full of also fantastic characters, who simply by crossing the magic threshold, run through different periods, from archaic times with prehistoric monsters to the Middle Ages, Baroque art to contemporary Mozart, until arriving at a land with creatures from an imaginary distant future.

Tickets for this performance are still available and can be purchased online at the following link:

Date: Sunday 11 November 2018

Time: 19.00h to 21.00h

Place: Auditorio de Torrevieja

Address: Partida de la Loma s/n, 03183 Torrevieja

Entrance: 20€, 25€ and 35€