Next thing Oi knows, it gets peculiar-like. Ye’re comin’ out dressed like a wench*

It’s time to get MEDIEVAL, this time in Quesada, as the town is set to celebrate this popular charicterised event next week.

The Medieval Market, Quesada, is being held between the 9th and 11th of November, in the Plaza Blanca, where a range of stalls will be offering artisan and themed goods, and demonstrations of traditional activities such as tool making and food preparation will be given, whilst everyone taking part (including yourself if you’re brave enough) will be dressed to impress in their most Medieval attire.

Although not one of the biggest events of this kind in the area, the intimacy lends itself to a unique atmosphere, and so should not me missed, as a fun and thrill packed event is expected.

We will bring you more details of the event next week, or pop along to the town hall for a schedule, but you have a week to get your costume ready… Come on wenches*, what are you waiting for?

*By the way, the opening line is a quote from “A Twist in Time”, a novel from the Kendra Donovan Mysteries by Julie McElwain. The phrase “wenches” was used to add a period feel to the article for authenticity reasons. No offence was intended by the use of any language in this post, and the model who posed for the photograph volunteered to have his image exploited for commercial purposes. 😉 

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