Lírica Nostra may sound like a dangerous mafioso gang of organised criminals, but this group is anything but. In fact, their full name kind of gives it away – Lírica Nostra Vocal e Instrumental de Torrevieja.

This vocal choir and musical group, who transmit their love of opera and zarzuela through their concerts, is a group of music lovers of different nationalities, residing in the Torrevieja area.

Tonight, Lírica Nostra are putting on a charity concert and will not charge an admission fee, although donations will be greatly appreciated.

The concert will consist of two parts; the first containing well-known pieces from films and opera, whilst the second is something slightly more innovative, with sketches of zarzuela.

Date: Saturday 3 November 2018

Time: 20.30h

Place: Virgen del Carmen Cultural Centre

Address: Calle del Mar, 28, Torrevieja, 03182

Entrance: Free