We might be feeling the nip today, but is it colder than yesterday? What do you think? After all, yesterday was the coldest in 52 years!

As the clocks went back to signal the start of winter, Sunday saw temperatures across the Valencia region drop considerably, marking the coldest October day in 52 years!

The average temperature across the region was just 7.9 degrees, only surpassed for the month of October by the 31st in 1966, when temperatures dropped to 7.5 degrees.

Prior to the 31st of October, 1966, it was 1950 when temperatures were colder than that, with an average of 6.5 degrees.

Other dates worth noting, according to the Spanish meteorological office, were October 29, 2008, with 8.2 degrees; 30, 1974, with 8.3 and a week before, the 24th, with 8.5 degrees.

By contrast, the hottest October day was in 2013, when on the 1st of the month thermometers read 24.3 degrees on average, increasing to 23.8 a day later. In 1997 23.3 was recorded on the 9th.

Overnight last night, temperatures hit below zero degrees in a number of places, namely Ademuz, 2,4 below freezing; Castellfort, and Vilafranca -1.1.

In the regional capital, Valencia, the coldest morning of this end of the year met workers waking up, with 7 degrees, whereas Alicante welcomed a relatively warm 8.8 degrees.

Monday has already felt a lot colder than Sunday, with a weather alert for wind in place, with the Avamet agency reporting gusts reaching 113 kilometres per hour in the Font de la Figuera; 108 in Xixona and 101 in Ayora. Menwhile, in Alicante, gusts reached 76 kilometres per hour, and a bumpy ride being felt by passengers at Alicante-Elche airport where the AEMET sensors recorded gusts up to 59 kilometres per hour.