This Halloween celebration is like no other, not least because it is being held in a nature-rich location which is steeped in history, a little known gem right on our doorstep

One deeply hidden area of the Costa Blanca is the Clot de Galvany, a nature trail constructed around a network of civil war bunkers, which opens out onto lakes and a range of flora and fauna, taking you to a world far beyond what you might expect, as it is secretly surrounded by the urbanisation of Gran Alacant.

This year, the area will take on an entirely different image, as El Clot de Galvany invites you to celebrate Halloween, with workshops and spooky fun-filled activities taking place on Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th of October.

Registration is required, which you can do by filling in the form on the website,, or by calling the Department of the Environment at  966 658 028.

You can also find out more and visit on other days, take a stroll through the walkways, browse the wildlife, or take in the information at the visitor’s centre, details of which can be found on the main page of their website,

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