The IFA exhibition hall will gather groups from around the globe to a conference on sustainable tourism on Tuesday

“Destinos Turísticos Sostenibles” is the name of the conference taking place at the IFA exhibition hall on Tuesday, 23 October.

Situated close to Alicante-Elche Airport, the IFA is an ideal location for events that tackle global issues, even if flying is seen as one of the burdens tourism places on the planet’s resources and future.

The conference brings together prestigious experts who will present different strategies based on environmental, social and economic excellence, and share values ​​to foster hospitality.

The challenges that the tourism sector faces with the increasing demand of consumers with environmental awareness, and with their increasing high purchasing power, is a combination that cannot be ignored by those who can and want to adapt to these demands.

The event will take place on Tuesday, October 23 at IFA and although registration is necessary, it can be done this link:

The complete program can be downloaded at:

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