Although cleaning up rubbish doesn’t sound like much fun, it actually is when you work together in a group for a good cause.

Together with ‘Torreviejan Roskisrymä, Yo Limpio Y Tú?’, the local environmental group Reciclemos Torrevieja will be taking it in turns on two different days (Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 October) to clean up the canal in Acequión all the way until arriving at the entrance to the salt lakes and they are looking for volunteers that want to help.

The idea is to gather together as a group and fill up containers with as much waste as possible (paper, cardboard, plastic, metals and glass) and then recycle all of the collected material afterwards in the corresponding recycling containers.

Depending on exactly where the groups finishes, the recycling containers behind the Minigolf, or the ones outside the tennis courts in Marina International will be used to deposit the material.


27 October – the wasteland outside AFA Alzheimer.

28 October – outside the Marina International tennis courts in the wasteland area by the Acequión canal and bridge by the beach.

STARTING TIME: Both days at 11:00h.

CLOTHES: Wear comfortable clothes and if possible something green to identify yourself as part of the group. Please note, to avoid getting scratched by plants, it is best to cover your arms and legs.

THINGS TO TAKE: Sunglasses and baseball caps in case it’s hot, gloves if you don’t have poles with clippers on the tips (reusable ones offer more protection over latex ones), a bottle of water, three buckets or three reusable bags, or three black bin bags in order to separate plastics and drink cans, paper and cardboard and glass later for recycling, and ABOVE ALL LOTS OF POSITIVE ENERGY AND ENTHUSIASM!

PARKING: There is parking available in the wasteland inbetween the old graffiti wall and shops in Acequión leading to the beach. Alternatively, drivers can park on the road outside Marina International.

TRANSPORT: The canal is situated in the centre of Torrevieja and thus can be reached within walking distance or by bicycle. Alternatively, the Eras de La Sal bus station is located next to Marina International where all buses arrive.

DOGS: We will not be cleaning the beach and, therefore, dogs are welcome to come.

ESTIMATED TIME: Everyone is free to dedicate the time they wish so long as they take all the waste they collect with them and dispose of it responsibly in the corresponding recycling containers. However, we estimate to spend approximately 1 hour collecting waste and another 30 minutes recycling.

PROMOTION: Some members of Reciclemos Torrevieja take photos on their phones for the press (Costa Blanca News, Torreguía, El Periódico de Torrevieja, etc.) and for our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Somos Torrevieja).

COLLABORATORS: On 27 October, Harry’s Lounge & Kitchen, Mositan Kraus and Remeca Invest L.C. and Remonttimies Ari Ranta will provide water, coffee and plastic bags.