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Day: October 14, 2018

Echoes of the Middle Ages – A Concert Like No Other

If you like classical music and would enjoy listening to it in historic surroundings, we have got the perfect event for you in Alicante On October 21, 2018, the halls and the walls of the medieval Santa Bárbara Castle, will echo with the sounds of the middle ages, in the first of a series of musical events like no other. The Llum del Castell – Sons of Tardor – Sons de Nadal is a cycle of music, of a markedly autumnal nature, that brings medieval notes and choruses to Alicante, performed in one of the most historic locations still...

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New Labels at Fuel Pumps

New ‘standardised’ labels at fuel pumps came into force in Spain this week. Do you know what to look for? On October 12, Spain implemented a new fuel label system at pumps, joining a standard across European filling stations. The aim of the EU legislation is to make it easier for consumers to choose the correct type of fuel for their vehicle. As now, the labels will be grouped into three principal categories, what we would know now as petrol, diesel, and others, such as gas. The three categories will each have a unique shape of label, which is...

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