If you’re a fan of traditional Spanish cooking made by someone’s grandmother, you’ll find this open-air cooking event in Almoradí right up your street.

You’ll be able to see exactly how a number of Spanish dishes are made by watching members of the Peña Huertana Los Huerticos as they give a demonstration to the public in Almoradí’s Plaza de la Constitución.

The local garden chefs will prepare three typical dishes made from local ingredients and afterwards everyone will be able to sample the cooking.

The group will be in the main square setting up from 9.30 am and they will start preparing the ingredients and cooking at 11 am.

The three dishes on the menu are the following:

  • Zarangollo
  • Cucurrones
  • Paparajotes

If anyone has any idea what these dishes are

Don’t forget that Saturday is market day in Almoradí, so this sounds like a fantastic morning out.

Date: Saturday 13 October 2018

Time: From 11.00h

Place: Plaza de la Constitución

Address: Plaza de la Constitución, Almoradí, 03160

Entrance: Free