Most of us peruse the local press or the Internet to find out what’s going on in our area by way of events or activities, but often we are presented with a limited choice or read about the event after it’s happened. 

Magazines and guides are generally a thing of the past, as more and more tech-savvy people are turning to their phones to find out where to go.

With geolocation and recommendations on social media being the way forward, a number of new apps have been launched that make finding interesting and exciting things to do where you live, or in another city or country, much easier than before.


Are you stuck for something to do today? Or what about your plans for Saturday night, or Sunday? Fever offers users a huge option of varied events for each day of the week, and in line with your preferences.

Choose from restaurants, concerts, sporting events and even trips away, all of which are contained within the app that currently has 45,000 active users a month.

The app, which also allows you to book events and purchase tickets, was created by Spaniard Pep Gómez and launched in Europe in 2013. Now, however, the Spaniard is taking it global as a version of the app is currently available in New York City.

And, investors are queuing up to hand over their money to expand the app even further. Gómez has managed to secure a further 7 million euro in funding from well-known names including Jeff Pulver, who invested in Twitter, Bernardo Hernández, President of Flikr, Spanish footballer Sergio Ramos and Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz.

While there are a number of event-finding apps, Fever hopes to stand out because of its function whereby recommendations from “influencers” are included and people can see who is going, what their plans are and their comments about the event.

Fever is available for iOS and Android and allows users to consult the events and activities taking place in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville and Malaga with just one click of a button.


The same as Fever, Gravy provides its users with a choice of concerts, films, theatre events, sporting events or restaurants based on your location – and also the mood you are in!! You can choose from a number of categories including “Classic” for those who prefer a quiet afternoon or night or “Live” for those that want to go out with friends to party. All you have to do it select the event and add yourself to the list as going.

Time to Enjoy 

This app is for busy people with little free time. Time to Enjoy selects the activities going on in your area in line with the date and time that you enter.