Customers who collaborate at the AFA Torrevieja stand at the Habaneras Centre in Torrevieja will be entered in a
prize draw to win a SAMSUNG GALAXY tablet.

The Habaneras Shopping Centre, managed by JLL (real estate consultancy firm), does not forget those
who forget, which is why it has focused its attention on World Alzheimer’s Day 2018 on Friday, 21

The initiative is being organised again in collaboration with AFA Torrevieja, an association
that works to cover the real needs of the relatives and patients, while raising awareness in society and
public and private bodies to support research.

The intensive awareness campaign will begin on 21 September and will culminate on 29 and 30
September. On the last two days, from 17.00 to 21.00, customers will be able to learn about the disease
and find out about AFA Torrevieja.

With this objective, AFA Torrevieja will set up an information stand at the entrance of the Habaneras Shopping Centre, as well as a charity market and the characteristic piggy bank they use to raise funds to support their good works.

Solidarity also has its rewards at the Habaneras Shopping Centre: all the customers who collaborate at the
AFA Torrevieja stand will be able to participate in a prize draw for a Samsung Galaxy tablet. Take a selfie
and share it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #HabanerasConElProyectoAlzheimer and show
your support for the cause and we’ll enter you in the prize draw. Just share your details and accept the
competition rules and you will be in with a chance to win on 5 October.

At the Habaneras Shopping Centre, they believe that: “Nothing and no one should erase the memories of
a lifetime”, and under this premise they will carry out an impressive campaign to raise awareness in the
media and social networks that will impact everyone.

At the same time, Habaneras Shopping Centre is taking the opportunity to give us some “Tips to stave off
Alzheimer’s disease”:

1. Eat little but eat well, the Mediterranean diet is the best option.
2. Don’t smoke and drink in moderation.
3. Do moderate physical activity; walk, dance, move.
4. Control vascular risk factors.
5. Don’t be alone: join associations, groups, fall in love.
6. Never stop studying, study that subject you never got around to.

7. Have fun, if possible, with other people.
8. Keep busy in your free time; don’t stop. Never stop doing things.
9. Always keep in mind that: “It is never too late to start a project or to learn”.
10. Become a member and support AFA Torrevieja; understand and collaborate with the Foundation and
you’ll feel like a better person.