A Ryanair jet that flew from Barcelona to East Midlands had technical problems on Friday, resulting in passengers having to disembark onto the runway

Passengers from Barcelona to East Midlands on a Ryanair flight on Friday had to disembark onto the runway after the aircraft became disabled by a hydraulic fault.

Flight FR-9387 had left Barcelona without incident and landed at East Midlands, but came to a stop on the runway with both tyres deflated.

As the aircraft was unable to move with flat tyres, the passengers had to be disembarked onto the runway and were taken to the terminal by buses.

The tyres had to be replaced whilst the aircraft sat on the runway before it could be towed to the apron, where the luggage was later unloaded.

The aircraft left East Midlands the next day on an Alicante-bound flight, although this journey suffered a 90-minute delay.