These tunas from Orihuela deserve your support as they deliver their musical concerts, and no, not because they are fish, but because they are young people, studying hard, wanting to be recognised for their musical excellence

The councillor for culture in the Orihuela municipality, Mar Ezcurra, has laid out the schedule for the VI City of Orihuela Tunas Contest, which will take place on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 of September.

“More than 100 ‘tunos’ will meet in our city, filled with music, joy and life the streets of our historic district”, she explained.

As usual, the Tuna de Ingenieros Agrónomos de Orihuela will host this event, which starts with the ‘Contest of serenades’ at Ramón Sijé square (square of the Fernando de Loaces library) from 10 p.m. on Friday evening

On Saturday, the activities will continue with the traditional parade from 12:00, working its way through the historic district and, culminating with the ‘Contest of Tunas’ at the Glorieta Gabriel Miró square from 8 p.m., where the participating tunas will compete to win prizes in different categories.

“From the Department of Culture we are very proud that the event becomes a classic within the cultural activities scheduled in Orihuela. In this case, gathering more than 100 people in the city, encouraging our streets and revitalizing our daily activity”, explained Mar Ezcurra.

The tunas participating in this edition are the female Tuna of the University of León, the female Tuna of Law of Alicante, the Tuna of Economic and Business Sciences of Murcia, the Tuna of the University of León and the host, the Tuna of Agronomists of Orihuela.

Nazario Sola, from t he Orihuela tuna, who also organised the event, together with department of culture, encourages “all Oriolans to participate in the activities programmed during this weekend to animate the streets with our music”. At the same time, he highlighted “the importance and impact of this Tuna Contest that bears the name of Orihuela and its poet, Miguel Hernández, throughout Spain”.

The Miguel Hernández Cultural Foundation is also collaborating in this event, and its director, Aitor Larrabide, will be part of the jury. Larrabide thanked both the Department of Culture and the Tuna of Agronomists of Orihuela for continuing to highlight the name of Miguel Hernandez with events like this.

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