Three vandals handed themselves into the Guardia Civil, apparently surprised that there was a backlash on social media when they posted videos of themselves kicking cars and smashing mirrors… Insert your own description for them below!

Officers from the Guardia Civil in Santa Pola have arrested three people, two of them aged 17 and being treated as minors, the other aged 18 and being dealt with as an adult, after they handed themselves in following a huge backlash of their antics posted on social media.

The Guardia Civil had already begun investigating the case when the videos clearly showed the three people, who could easily be identified, kicking and smashing the mirrors on nine cars parked in the street.

So far, two of the vehicles have been repaired, to the tune of more than 1,600 euro, with experts now assessing the damage on the others to put a value to the case when it goes to court.

On Sunday, September 9, several vehicles parked in the street were damaged, mostly in the mirrors, and videos recorded on mobile phones showed what appeared to be the identified arrestees kicking the vehicles and then bragging about their actions.

Eventually, realising the backlash that spread through social media and that the Guardia Civil were investigating the offences, the suspects, “decided to voluntarily present themselves at the offices of the Guardia Civil in Santa Pola, where they were arrested on suspicion of up to nine offences of causing intentional damage.

After giving their statements, the three were released and the case referred to the courts in Elche, and, in the case of the younger two, to the Juvenile Prosecutor in Alicante.

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