Gaming fans, you have little over a week to get those fingers fine tuned and ready for battle, as the LAN PARTY returns to Santa Pola

Now in its sixth year, Santa Pola is set to celebrate the technological and gaming event of the year, SANTA POLA LAN PARTY 2018, taking place on Saturday, September 15, at the Silvia Martínez Pavilion

The doors will open at 5p.m., with just three hours to prove your battle metal, and walk away with a trophy or two, or at least the knowledge that you have beaten your virtual opponents and a king of your chosen field.

If you want to take part, registration is a must for the serious participants, although you have two options:

1 – Competitors of the Lan Party, preferable adults, who must bring their own equipment, other than what the organisers will provide, tables, network connections and up to 10 gig capacity to play. Register now, for FREE, at

2 – Free game zone. For all audiences, where the organisers will provide state-of-the-art consoles and different games to participate in tournaments throughout the afternoon.

There will also be Youth Information Stands from the official bodies supported by the town hall, the IVAJ and the Youth Department, as well as workshops, role play, magic, and many more surprises.

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