We may have only just dipped into September, but that doesn´t mean we can´t plan our diary for next month, after all, October means only one thing, OCTOBERFEST (although in the interest of a healthy balance, it might also mean STOPTOBER when you stop smoking for a month (or longer) but we´ll talk about that another time, for now it´s BEER!)

Alicante is the first local location to publicise Octoberfest, with the third incarnation of their now annual celebration of the liquid refreshment known as beer.

Playing with the words, they have named their celebration Octobeerfest, which does sum up everything about October and beer in one word, very clever (Although we think they should name the city ALEicante for the month too (hmm, maybe not).

Anyway, back to the details. The event is taking place on October 5 to 9 on Poligono de San Blas, which you probably already know is located on Avenida Del Doctor Rico, and is set to be awash with beers from around the globe.

Of course, other Octoberfests will be available, and we will seek those out for you during the rest of this month, but at least the first weekend is covered with the III Octobeerfest Alicante (click to visit Facebook event page for more details).

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