If you were planning to go to the Food Trucks event on the Orihuela Costa this weekend, DON´T! It´s been cancelled.

As many visitors told us last night that they had gone for a little nibble on the sea front, only to find there were no food trucks after all, we contacted the organisers to find out what was going on.

Sadly, they say, that due to reasons beyond their control, the food trucks event planned for this weekend on the Orihuela Costa has been cancelled at short notice. They do apologise for this, as do we of course, but as you can see it is out of their hands, and ours.

However, you could still go and visit one of the many top class restaurants in the area, and you could ask them to wrap your food in tin foil or a polystyrene box (preferably not though because they are not good for the environment. Neither is foil, but there is less needed you see) and provide a plastic fork (no other cutlery is permitted (maybe a t-spoon)), walk down to Playa Flamenca promenade, and sit on the floor to eat your food direct from the foil, thus recreating the experience for yourself, and supporting the local businesses at the same time, instead of these foreign(located) fancy restaurants on wheels coming over here and pinching our custom, kind of thing.

Also, if you go later in the evening, chances are you´ll also be able to overhear the music coming from one or two of the local bars, and so you can also imaging that you have live entertainment as the sun goes down and the moon starts to wake.

Failing all of that, maybe go to Torrevieja to the INMO EXPO, but remember this is a daytime event (closes at 5) and so don´t go there in the evening, unless you are pre-armed with your foil clad food and plastic fork and want to make a statement against Orihuela by recreating your food truck experience in Torrevieja instead.

Just have a great weekend 🙂

Oh, oh, oh… We just remembered (well, I got prodded by my colleague sat next to me to be honest who said, I think with a hint of sarcasm, “you´ve mentioned the events calendar, haven´t you?”!). You can also check out the event calendar right here (click where it says right here (no, the first right here, not this one, or the previous), or the THINGS TO DO section (which is even better because we actually tell you really interesting stuff in that bit), and, listen to BIG FM radio on the Costa Blanca for even more updates, and (get this) visit them at the INMO EXPO as they are broadcasting live from there all day (until 5 as previously explained, then their normal schedule continues including a fantastic dance type music night that is a must for a Saturday (think ballroom and Blackpool tower (no don´t)).

Right. My boss is coming to tell me off for writing this. I guess I´m just upset because I really, REALLY fancy a jacket potato, with lashing of butter, wrapped in tin foil… Mmmmmm. End transmission. I´d better get on with writing news stuff. Bye. Enjoy your weekend!