Plans are just being finalised for a fantastic food truck event at Playa Flamenca this weekend

If you haven´t been to a food truck event yet, you are missing out on one of the fastest growing trends in dining service of recent years.

Food trucks were once only found in locations like road lay-bys, markets, music festivals and serving the homeless, but can now be found at trendy social gatherings the world over, with some food trucks even finding themselves parked inside restaurants, surrounded by bricks and mortar, as the fashionable foods are served to the trend setters, all eager to share their experience on Instagram (other social network services are available).

Now, excitement is building, as a food truck event is planned for the Orihuela Costa THIS WEEKEND!

You will be able to get a variety of burgers, falafel, chips and other “diverse gastronomy”, all served from a “truck”, van or caravan (although some are trailers made to look like trucks, vans or caravans (in the interest of factual representation)).

The event is planned for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so you an go every single day and enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner, without having to lift a finger in the kitchen (the trucks are yet to be confirmed as open to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, but we´ll let you know when we do).

So, clear your diary, comb that moustache so it points outwards (gentlemen), put on your braces and see what all the fuss is about, only at Playa Flamenca (and many other places around the globe) this weekend (and pretty much any other day in other places).

We almost forgot. They are also planning live music and entertainment for the kids. See, you doubted if you should go a moment ago, but you´re sold now, aren´t you? Go on, admit it!

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