The Department of Animal Protection from Torrevieja town hall has launched a summer campaign to raise awareness amongst children of the importance of adoption and sterilisation of domestic animals

The councillor for Animal Protection, Carmen Morate, accompanied by Patricia Tarín Carrasco, volunteer of the municipal animal pound, have organised educational talks in the summer schools that are being held in the municipality.

In her last visit, the councillor explained to the students of the Salvador Ruso Public School how they should act in the case of adopting a cat or a dog. Morate has insisted on the benefits of adoption of animals instead of their purchase. “It is important to give second chances to those who have been abandoned,” she explained, whilst also pointing out that the abandonment of an animal is a crime.

Currently, the municipal pound in Torrevieja has 30 dogs of different breeds. The centre takes in at least one animal each day, whilst animals are adopted on two or three occasions a week.

During the talks, Morate was accompanied by Gala and Mérida, two greyhounds that have already found a home.

The councillor also taught the children how to take care of their pets, insisting on the advantages of sterilisation. According to Morate, owners who do not sterilise their pets run great risks, since their behaviour becomes more aggressive. Moreover, they are more likely to develop cancer or psychological pregnancy and, in the worst cases, to leave home.

In addition, the councillor has advised children with pets to vaccinate their dogs of rabies and add a microchip in their collars. This small device, the size of a grain of rice, contains data as important as the owner’s name, address or mobile phone, essential to locate them in case of loss.

Finally, Morate has clarified to the children the procedure they should follow if they were interested in adopting an animal from the shelter. The councillor stressed that all family members must agree on adoption and that everyone has to care for the animal. “It’s not about coming here and taking a cat or a dog, you have to follow a process, we have to evaluate the home and if it fits the needs of each animal,” she concluded.

The next talk will take place this Friday at the Yacht Club.

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