Officers from the National Police have arrested two men, aged 28, for allegedly committing burglaries in homes across the Elche area.

The investigation began after a neighbour disturbed the pair trying to break into a home at around 4 in the morning.

The investigators were able to determine that the burglars would identify empty homes during the daytime and mark them in preparation for night-time assaults days later, when they would check if the marks had been cleaned off, suggesting that the property was in fact occupied. If the marks still remained, the pair assumed the house to be confirmed as empty.

The investigators were also quickly able to build a physical profile of the pair, including the type of vehicle they were using.

Those arrested, of Georgian nationality, used rental vehicles, leased with different identities, but this wasn´t enough to prevent the investigators from identifying them and tracking them down.

Upon their arrest it became clear that the pair were known to the police, having been carrying out similar burglaries around the country, using different names and identities.

When they were searched, officers found a variety of tools and items used in the burglaries.  So far they are charged with two burglaries, although there are others which are being investigated as they are similar in the pattern used by this pair, and so the charge sheet may increase.

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