The police are warning vehicle owners over the return of the so-called “50 euro scam”.

Although it has taken on different forms, the “50 euro scam” is when the driver sits in the vehicle and notices a 50 euro note secured under the windscreen wiper.

The 50 euro note is usually a fake, but the idea is that the driver is so pleased with the potential find, they leave the vehicle, engine running, to collect their cash, at which point the scammers jump into the car and drive off, yes, sometimes with other occupants on board initially, with even children having been taken in this way in previous robberies.

In variations of the scam it might be a handwritten note on the back window was a favourite, or sometimes just an innocent flyer.

The advice, as always, is to take a brief walk around your vehicle every time you return to it. Check basics such as wheels, tyres, lights, and windows, removing anything like flyers (placing them in a dustbin of course), the fuel filling cap is in place (more about that another time), and looking for any obvious signs of damage to the vehicle. This is a good habit to get into every time, no matter how briefly you may have left your vehicle.

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