A popular Spanish singer has had to cancel part of his tour, including an appearance in Torrevieja, due to a medical condition

Scheduled to perform in Torrevieja on August 2, Joan Manuel Serrat has been forced to cancel his “Da Capo Mediterranean” tour on advice of doctors.

Dr. D. Pedro Claros, Medical Consultant otolaryngologist, made a diagnosis of acute laryngitis and dysphonia and prescribed strict professional vocal rest for two weeks after which he will be evaluated clinically.

The list of cancelled concerts is Sitges (July 31), Torrevieja (August 2), Tarragona (August 4), Porta Ferrada (August 6), Starlite (August 8) and Jerez (10 August).

Serrat is expected to resume his tour on 8 September in Palma de Mallorca, subject to the medical assessment.