Enjoy  the total eclipse of the moon and the Perseids meteor shower

The total eclipse of the moon on Friday, July the 27th will be accompanied by a series of activities organised by Torrevieja Town Hall, Alicante University and the Association Astroingeo.

The programme includes a family astronomy workshop and an observation of the eclipse from the dock in La Mata.

There will also be a chance to enjoy the meteor shower on August the 12th while collaborating for a good cause.

Councillor Fanny Serrano explained the activity on Friday the 27th will start at 8pm in the Plaza del Embarcadero in La Mata. It will be directed by Alcante University Professor Enrique Aparicio and Astroingeo President Rubén Torregrosa.

Astropeques is an activity aimed at younger children to teach them how eclipses of the moon happen. they will make a little model that will become part of a simulation of an eclipse so they can understand what is happening when they see the real thing through telescopes.

There are only 30 places available and all the children must be accompanied by an adult. To register go on the website www.torreviejaua.eventbrite.es or, if there are still places available, on the day itself.

When the workshop finishes at 9pm, it will be possible to view the eclipse with explanations from Enrique Aparicio and Rubén Torregrosa. This will be the longest total eclipse of the moon of the 21st century, lasting over six hours in total, of which two will be total. The moon will be visible in Torrevieja from 9:10pm and the eclipse will reach its maximum at 22:22pm and finish shortly after midnight. If technology permits, it will be projected on screens and retransmitted over to internet “to the whole world”.

During the eclipse, the moons ceases to receive direct light from the sun but some light does reach it refracted through the Earth’s atmosphere, giving it a red colour. No eye protection is needed to look at it and it can be viewed through telescopes, which will be available for public use.

Observation of the “Tears of Saint Lawrence”

Serrano also announced that in coordination with the Lagunas de Torrevieja y La Mata Natural Park, the Mastral Project and Astroingeo there will be an activity to view the Perseids meteror shower, popularly known in Spain as the lágrimas de San Lorenzo (Tears of Saint Lawrence).

It will be on Sunday, August the 12th from 8pm starting at the Natural Park Centro de Interpretación with a walk into the park for a picnic, followed by enjoyment of the summer night sky surrounded by nature next to La Mata lake. Astroingeo and the Mastral Project will offer explanations and show some of the planets that are visible with telescopes. The meteors will be visible from about 11pm.

The activity is free but registration is necessary by email to [email protected] indicating the name of the people, the number of adults and children, a contact telephone number and the place you are coming from, as the number of spaces is limited. Participants are also asked to donate some non perishable foods, especially magdalenas, biscuits and juices, which will be given to the needy by the charity Alimentos Solidarios Torrevieja.