If you have a love of words and language, you´re in luck this summer, as the language bus is coming to town

Sempre Teua is a concept which aims to “build bridges” through language, and not only does it have a website that details everything about the power of language and words, it has two planes and a bus that will be touring the area this summer.

The planes will skim the coastline dragging banners which promote phrases important to the campaign, whereas the bus offers a more grounded approach to the dissemination of words, with goody bags, leaflets and information to take away, and workshops for the kids.

The campaign is the brainchild of the Valencia Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sports, which will tour the beaches of Valencia during August.

A total of 20,000 beach bags will be distributed from 4th to 26th of August in several beaches of the Valencian territory. On the weekend of August the 4th and 5th, it is the beaches of the Malva-rosa and Patacona of Valencia which will kick the tour off, followed by Alicante city on the 11th and the 12th of August.

On the 18th, it will be the beaches of Moncofa who will play host to the word-party, followed by Santa Pola on the 19th. Next on the tour schedule will be Alcossebre on the 25th, and Torrevieja on the 26th, all subject to confirmation however.

The website for more information is websiempreteua.gva.es and you can follow the campaign through social networks, Twitter and Facebook, searching for the user name @SempreTeua.


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