Promoting respect for the coast to help maintain the Blue Flags

Eight environmental education workshops are being held on the Torrevieja beaches of La Mata, Cabo Cervera, Los Locos, El Cura, Paseo Juan Aparicio natural pools, Los Náufragos and Cala Piteras.

They take place from 9am to 3pm and promote conservation of the natural heritage of the Mediterranean Sea by respectful use of the beaches, learning good environmental practices, and encouraging reduction, reuse and recycling of waste.

The first was held at La Mata North on Wednesday and they will continue at La Mata South on July 18th; Cabo Cervera on July 25th; Los Locos on August 1st; El Cura on August 8th; the Paseo Juan Aparicio pools on August 15th; Los Náufragos on August 22nd; and Cala Piteras on August 29th.

Councillor Fanny Serrano said the workshops are very important for Torrevieja to get its Blue Flags, having helped to regain the one for Cabo Cervera.

Fran Lucha from the organising company said that unfortunately we have come to think cigarette butts and plastic on the beaches is normal, or that if it has seaweed it is dirty when in fact the coast of Torrevieja is a protected site (LIC) largely thanks to its seaweed.

The first of the three activities is El viaje de Arca (Arca’s Voyage) for children aged 4-14 who can hear stories about a turtle born on a Torrevieja beach and the threats that it faces. and enables the children to make their own origami turtle from paper.

Municipal biologist Juan Antonio Pujol explained that people should call 112 if they see a turtle laying eggs on a beach, and they should not disturb it or shine lights on it.

Another activity is for all ages and explains the species of birds usually found on Torrevieja beaches in summer, with games to identify them and learning to spot them with binoculars and a telescope.

The third is a question and answer game for all ages about seaweed including an explanation about their biology and ecological importance.

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