As part of a campaign supported by the DGT, drivers can get a free eye test until the end of the month in one of 1,000 opticians across Spain

Over time, our eyesight can deteriorate, and that deterioration can be so subtle, we don´t always notice.

However, many of us do notice that our vision is not what it used to be, or should be. In fact, in a recent survey, it was revealed that there could be more than two million drivers on the roads who already recognise that their vision is not great.

Many of those surveyed also say that their vision is worse at night, and that they have difficulty even seeing road signs.

The Dean of the College of Opticians-Optometrists, Juan Carlos Martínez, states that “the advice is to conduct a review on an annual basis.” In order to remind ourselves that “vision is a key aspect in terms of road safety, at the same level as the use of the seat belt and helmet in the case of motorcycles.”

As a result of a campaign supported by the DGT, until July 31, more than 1,000 opticians from all over Spain will carry out a free vision test, specifically designed for drivers.

The examination takes into account the current legislation in force regarding psychophysical aptitudes for driving and analyses all the visual aspects that directly affect driving, such as stereopsis (ability to see in 3D), the visual field, and sensitivity to contrast or intraocular pressure, in addition to checking if there is any latent pathology that may be affecting the user’s visual capacity.

There are a number of opticians in our area who are taking part in the campaign, and you can check online for those participating at, where you can also find more information about eyes, vision and driving.

Map of opticians