The uniqueness of this exhibition means it is a must for anyone looking for a new experience, and Alicante is only on our doorstep, so well worth a visit

With such colour, vibrancy, diversity and emotion, Van Gogh Alive in Alicante is a new exhibition that will stir up many emotions, as you are absorbed deep into a multimedia and multisensual experience of the works of one of the Masters, Vincent Van Gogh.

With a schedule to visit 79 cities around the world, the exhibition opens in Alicante on September 13, held in the Lonja del Pescado until December 16, before the exhibition heads to Seville..

Having already been visited by more than 5 million people around the world, the exhibition, created by the Australian company Grande Exhibitions, is an immersive experience that combines 3,000 moving images on six-metre-high screens, light and music, showcasing the works of the Dutch painter in a way never done before.

There is also a special space for children to explore the works of art, and learn how to paint like Van Gogh through video tutorials.

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