Not once, but twice in three months, that´s 1, 2, 3, bad luck numbers for a Torrevieja drug trafficker 

Officers from the Guardia Civil in Granada have arrested a 41-year-old resident of Torrevieja as a suspected drug trafficker, after he was stopped in a hire car with 40.8 kilos of marijuana in his possession.

This is the second time the man had been arrested by officers involved in a task force set up in 2013 to tackle drugs coming into the country from North Africa.

On this occasion, the officers stopped the vehicle after the driver was seen committing a traffic offence. When the vehicle was intercepted on the A-92N in the Granada area of Baza, driving towards Puerto Lumbreras (Murcia), the officers noted that the driver was alone, and there was a strong smell of marijuana coming from inside.

When the officers searched the boot of the car they found nine large bags filled with the narcotic substance, which were confiscated.

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