Dog owners were happy to have an official beach to take their pets in Torrevieja this summer, the property owners not so much

Residents living close to Torrevieja´s Cala del Moro held a protest on Wednesday over Torrevieja town hall allowing dogs to use the beach neighbouring their homes.

The residents of the 150 properties have already started a petition against the dog beach, and held their first protest at lunchtime on Wednesday. A second protest is planned for 7 .p.m.

The community says that it has, “nothing against animals, but there are many kilometres of beaches where there are no homes,” and so they ask the town hall to choose one of those beaches instead.

The residents are unhappy that dogs are allowed to move freely, “without being tied or muzzled”, and as “children, babies and people of all ages use the beach”, they consider it inappropriate.

The residents also complain that the dog owners will not be able to stop their animals from defecating where they choose, “where we put our towels, or where children make sand castles.” One representative claims that they have, “met many who do not collect faeces and who scold and insult us when we call them to attention.”

Torrevieja is one of the towns on the Costa Blanca which is trying to set the tone of inclusivity for pet owners, and this year saw the first real step in that direction, although it may be short lived, if the resident´s protest gathers momentum.

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