Ciudadanos demand top job in return for supporting Socialist plan to oust Bascuñana

With nobody any the wiser about whether Orihuela mayor Emilio Bascuñana really did ever go to work for the job he held  with the Valencian Health Service for seven years (, the opposition Socialist Party (PSOE) has presented a motion of censure in the hope they can have him removed.

To do this they will need the support of Ciudadanos (C’s), the party whose three councillors give the mayor’s Partido Popular (PP) its majority. Their promises, among other things, include better security and cleaning for Orihuela Costa and reserving land on the coast for future cultural, sporting and medical facilities.

However C’s spokesman  Juan Ignacio López-Bas said this afternoon they will not hand over the mayor’s job to the PSOE, but invited them to join a coalition “of unity” led by his party until the elections in 2019.

After meeting with the PSOE and being shown their plans should they be able to take charge, he said C’s could agree to this: “If the Orihuela PSOE really want to negotiate an alternative government and not a mere change of seats”.

The conditions he explained are that someone from Ciudadanos must be mayor “because we are a party of the centre and so closer to the political beliefs of most of the residents of the city, because we have had responsibilities in the government for the last few years and played an active part in designing the 2018 budget  and the important and necessary plan to implement the investments agreed by the current government”.

Approving the budget and keeping the agreed investments is another of the conditions that he considered “nonnegotiable” to make a deal with the Socialists. The proposed coalition of unity would also include councillors from C’s, the PSOE, Cambiemos and the PP, “if they want to”.

López-Bas defended that the PSOE cannot lead a government when they did not win the elections and claimed Socialist spokeswoman Carolina Gracia is trying to do exactly the same as Pedro Sánchez has by taking over the national government “at any cost”.

He stated that it would be irresponsible to go against the wishes of residents after working for them the last few years when the only question is whether Bascuñana should be in charge. “The best solution is to join forces when we have common objectives for the next ten months before the elections. Our offer is serious, firm and will not exclude anyone when it comes to collaboration.”

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