Once again the emergency services will be put to the test when a major earthquake hits Torrevieja and the surrounding area in November – Luckily, it´s just an exercise

The Mayor of Torrevieja, José Manuel Dolón, along with senior members of the local government, security and emergency services met last week to start planning for a major earthquake drill that will take place in November.

The simulation, which will operate with its own social media hashtag, #gransimulacro2018, will take place on November 14.

Following the meeting, the Mayor explained that the “different places where this drill will be held have been agreed”, and one of the main areas of interest will be the market enclosure which will be transformed into the base where the emergency and military services will operate and control the rescue and evacuation missions.

Although this is a simulation, real reactions are important, as is the assistance of anyone involved in the scenes, such as the schools, all of which will play their part in the evacuation.

The Torrevieja area is not unaware of the disaster that an earthquake can bring, as history has proven, and so these simulations are crucial for reminding everyone not of the risks or earthquake, but of the processes in place to ensure survival.

This simulation will be based on an earthquake with enough intensity to collapse buildings, damaging basic services such as sewage, telephony and electricity, causing a total failure of telecommunications.