Local company is crowdfunding their technological innovation that could help many people

A project to launch a technological cane that detects obstacles for blind people, developed by a spin-off company of Miguel Hernández University in Elche Scientific Park, only has until Thursday to find €9,000 from investors by crowdfunding on the website Kickstarter.

What is the Egara Cane?

Day after day, blind people deal with a world filled with difficulties. From the invention of the white cane, more than 100 years ago, blind people have only had this tool to perceive their environment. This cane, with the tracking technique, only let them detect floor roughness so they can know if they are located on the sidewalk, crosswalk, stairs… But, what about the obstacles with projecting parts? Until now, they could not detect obstacles located above their waist, such as tree branches, umbrellas, traffic signs…etc.

That’s why we´ve created the Egara cane. The Egara cane is a modified cane designed to make blind people’s lives much easier and help them in their day to day activities. It has been developed with cutting-edge technology sensors combined with a powerful detection algorithm.

The Egara cane scans the environment and detects any obstacles in the subject’ s path. It then notifies the user in an easily distinguishable way of any possible objects that could be dangerous.

How does it work?

The Egara cane uses 3 ultrasonic sensors. They are disposed so it can identify common and no common areas so as to know where the obstacle is located. Furthermore, it’s equipped with a 9 DOF IMU sensor, what lets it do things like get oriented in space and know the direction of the user.

All this information is collected by a microcontroller. It has a powerful detection algorithm which distinguishes the obstacles and classifies them in dangerous or not.

When a dangerous obstacle is detected, the cane notifies the user by vibration and sound. The user knows something dangerous is in his path and he can proceed to scan the environment with his hands to know what’s going on.

For more information see the website www.kickstarter.com/projects/instead-technologies/smart-cane-for-blind-people