Orihuela´s councillor for beaches, Luisa Boné, has explained how an information campaign was launched in schools in June which aimed to raise awareness of environmental concerns through the summer season

The beaches department of the town hall launched the campaign in June, with the hopes of increasing both awareness and activities through the summer, when locations like environmentally delicate Orihuela Costa become a flood with tourists and, unfortunately, the rubbish and damage caused by the sudden influx.

In June, the department embarked on a school tour, distributing light-hearted leaflets, “guide for good behaviour on the beach”, which aimed to teach children how to behave on the beach. The guide contained information on subjects such as waste recycling, the protection of animals, how to behave when you see a jellyfish, how to use the foot showers on the beach, how to save water, and more.

Whilst having out the booklets, the department´s staff explained the content to the children and received positive feedback, although many of the kids said that they already knew the advices for good behaviour on the beach.

The same information is now being handed out to children who are attending the municipality´s summer schools.

Stage 2 of the campaign involves even more paper being handed out, this time in the form of stickers, again highlighting the good practice that the children were already, so they say, aware of. Luisa Boné, explained, “The stickers depict two situations, one right and one wrong. First you see a child using the foot showers to clean his feet and the other time the same child fills a bucket there to build a sandcastle.  With this campaign, we try to catch the children’s attention with memorable images that you should not play with the water of the foot showers and that you should use water sparingly.

No further information about the campaign for adult education has been released, so grownups, you´re on your own, use water sparingly, clean up after yourselves, take care of the environment, and learn from the good example that the children of Orihuela are about to set (hopefully).

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