BIKERS – If you´re heading off for a weekend ride through the Vega Baja´s country roads, be assured that the eyes in the sky will be keeping a safe eye on you

During the weekends throughout the summer, the DGT will be maintaining a special watch on roads frequented by motorbikes.

The aim is to try and reduce the number of incidents involving motorbikes, and, more importantly, reduce the number of fatalities and injuries caused to two-wheeled vehicle drivers.

The campaign itself will focus mostly on the bikers themselves, although will involve increasing awareness to improve the coexistence between drivers of two-wheeled vehicles and other drivers.

As well as officers on the ground, the DGT will be using their fleet of helicopters, most of which are equipped with sophisticated surveillance equipment, known as Pegasus, which is capable of monitoring the roads from up to a kilometre away with precision.

In 2016, the last year with consolidated data, 24% of the total number of incidents with victims, that is, 25,944 incidents, involved a motorbike. Of those incidents, 343 motorcyclists died. On interurban roads there was a reduction of 5% in the number of motorcyclists killed, whilst on urban roads, 27 more bikers lost their lives than in 2015.

The risk of death from a traffic related incident is 17 times greater for motorcycles than for cars. In addition, 95% of the fatal traffic incidents involving a motorcycle, the rider is the one who died.

The most frequent infractions recorded my motorcycle users were: inadequate speed (18% of cases), invasion of the opposite lane and anti-regulation overtaking (18%). In the case of drivers of other vehicles, the most frequent infractions were those related to non-compliance with the priority rules (32% of cases).

Although the use of the helmet is mandatory in both urban and interurban roads, in 2016, 15 people who lost their lives after travelling by motorcycle did not use this safety device, an object that often avoids death.

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