Court condemns Valencian Health Service after stroke was thought to be nausea

The Superior Court of the Valencian Community (TSJCV) has condemned the Valencian Health Service to compensate with €93,000 the immediate family of a woman from Galicia who died of a stroke that was not detected at Torrevieja Hospital in 2014. The woman, who was 65, went there with an intense headache, vomiting and losing consciousness but was discharged with a diagnosis of “nausea”.

The sentence, revealed by the Association El Defensor del Paciente, said she was only given a blood test but 6 days later she went to her doctor in Vigo because she was “quickly getting worse”, admitted to intensive care and died two days later.

Her three children and husband took the health service to court and the TSJCV agreed that Torrevieja hospital had been negligent for not examining her properly or giving her any kind of diagnostic test, which it said amounted to malpractice.