Meeting addresses concerns of residents in the south of the municipality

The mayor of Torrevieja, José Manuel Dolón had a meeting this morning with a large number of British residents from the southern part of the municipality. Over more than an hour and a half they asked him to deal with various things related to infrastructures and how different services work in the urbanisations they live in.

The meeting was requested by residents of  Cala Dorada, Mar Azul, Rocío de Mar, Rocajuna, Las Barcas, Sector I, Mariblanca, La Veleta and Los Altos. they dealt with matters ranging from green area maintenance, urban hygiene, the state of roads, and questions about various streets and plazas, street lights, signage and other aspects of interest to them.

After responding to these incidents, the mayor informed them about passing the 2018 budget and what this means since the council has not had its own budget since 2015 so had to keep using that one again and again even though it was “totally insufficient and limited by a savings plan that made it practically impossible to manage municipal services efficiently,” he said.

He was accompanied by the director of the Office for Attention to International Residents (OARI), Carlos González, and tried to answer every question, making notes on some so he could pass them on to the appropriate municipal departments so they can be managed more specifically.

The residents also asked about other more general things, like the projects for the Dique de Poniente in the harbour, the Playa del Acequión Promenade,  the Los Náufragos Pedestrian Path, Lo Ferris, etc. All of these are paralysed due to a corruption investigation into national water company Acuamed, he explained. The residents were also interested to hear about the staffing problems in the Town Hall.