Cabin crew based in Spain will strike for 48 hours

Ryanair cabin crew based in Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Belgium have announced that they will go on strike in late July.

Cabin crew working in Spain, Portugal and Belgium will strike for 48 hours between 25-26 July, while those in Italy will strike for 24 hours on the 25th.

Unions have not ruled out further action if the Irish airline does not make concessions on some employment terms.

Yesterday, Wednesday 4 July, the unions issued a list of changes they wanted to their working terms and conditions, which include being paid into bank accounts in their own countries, rather than in the Republic of Ireland.

Earlier this week, Irish trade union-member pilots directly employed by Ryanair  said they would will go on strike for the first time on 12 July.

They agreed to strike for 24 hours, which would begin at 01:00 on 12 July – the start of the traditional holiday fortnight for hundreds of thousands of people in Northern Ireland.

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