Town Hall gives update on contract procedure for services

Councillor Luisa Boné has informed a press conference about the progress of the procedure to award the new contract to run the beach bars in Orihuela.

“We are waiting for the Central Court of Contractual Resources to resolve appeales that were presented. The Town Hall technicians have done their work so that the moment the resolution arrives the adjudication can be finished, if this is allowed,” she said.

These appeals, which have identical content and addresses for the people who presented them, are delaying the procedure so we have to wait for the court to decide.

“The last company is up to date with paying its fees to the Town Hall and the government Coast Department for 2017. For the first 4 months of 2018 we are waiting for a report from the auditor so that it can be paid.”

At the moment the beach bars and toilets on the beaches have become municipal property once the allegations of the last company are resolved. and with the authorisation of the court the  toilets have been accessed to make them available to the public. Three toilets are already open: Cala Bosque, Cala Cerrada and Mil Palmeras, and the rest will open a few days. The Town Hall has hired a company to clean and maintain them.

She said there is no way that the old contract could have been extended because the court has said there is evidence of a possible crime when it was adjudicated by the last council.

“I know it’s annoying not having working summer services but as head of the Beaches Department I think it was the right decision to not compromise the service given the doubts about the legality of its adjudication.”

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