Minimum services will be in operation for an indefinite period

Ambulance service workers have said enough and started an indefinite strike today across the whole Valencian Community, therefore including the Vega Baja area of the Costa Blanca. They are demanding a fair agreement which they have been waiting for since 2013, they confirmed.

Ambulance personnel delegate Juan Carlos Rodríguez said the company operating the service wants to cut salaries and working conditions, having offered €25 million less for the same service. He said that logically this is impossible and would inevitably end up falling on the shoulders of the workers. “We just want our work to be recognised with a fair agreement, since the ambulance workers in the Valencian Community are unfortunately one of the worst paid in all Spain.”

The workers apologised to all users of the service for any bother caused and thanked those who have shown their support. Rodríguez said that for their profession to be recognised and the service to improve, everyone needs to demand this.

Today they went on the warpath to demand what they consider justice for the 1,500 workers in 550 ambulances in the Valencian Community.

For now they have not given an end date for how long the minimum legal service will be running.