Man protests at gay pride flag on Town Hall claiming “There are no gays in Callosa”

A video of a resident of Callosa de Segura who is indignant that the Town Hall decided to hang the gay pride flag has been going viral on Whatsapp and social networks.

In the sequence, recorded on Thursday and only 16 seconds long, a man with is shirt open is seen to be visibly bothered by the fact that the left wing coalition Council had decided to fly the rainbow flag to commemorate International LGTBI Pride Day.

The resident shouts in the middle of the Plaza de España demanding that they take it down from this public space: “The Town Hall cannot put up a flag for gays, for god’s sake, because there are no gays in Callosa.”

He continues: “Whoever is a queer let them come out and be queer” and even “if everybody was as pissed off as me you would see how this would be taken away from here”.

The video is recorded from the Town Hall but it is not known who by. Of course, despite the noisy reaction of this resident, the flag continues to fly from the Town Hall.