The Salt Museum in Santa Pola will be opening its door to visitors again this summer

The tourism department at Santa Pola town hall has announced the latest guided tours of the Salt Museum in the town, which also feature a visit to the adjacent lagoons of the Natural Park.

Unfortunately for some, this latest timetable is all in Spanish, although there is one exception where French speakers will also be able to learn about the facilities.

The time of the tour is from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., with a nominal cost of just a euro, with dates throughout July available.

The schedule is

  • July 4 – Wednesday
  • July 11 – Wednesday
  • July 15 – Sunday
  • July 18 – Wednesday
  • July 22 – Sunday
  • July 24 – Tuesday (in French)

Advanced registration is essential though, which can be done up to a day in advance at the Tourist Information office at Santa Pola, or by telephoning 966 696 052 or 966 692 276.

Other guided tours are also available, including some “Dramatised Walks”, more information available again from the Tourist Information office.

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