Dog is the first in the Valencian Community to be given to help an abused woman to recover

On Tuesday Torrevieja Councillor Carmen Morate handed over a Rottweiler dog that had been seized in a Guardia Civil operation to the Association Proyecto ESCAN so that it might help victims of gender violence.

Happy is the name of this dog which was presented for this reason in an official manner via the association. “It is a dog that was seized by the Guardia Civil while making an arrest, it quite a big rottweiler that is intimidating but is very good, which is why I have chosen this dog to help this woman recover the self esteem that others have taken away from her,” she added.

The councillor said that now “it will be trained for a few weeks or months to create a bond with the woman, then it will protect her and give her confidence to take her fear away”. Morate thanked the association and expressed her satisfaction because “it will end up in good hands”. The councillor was put in charge of sorting out all the legal and bureaucratic procedures and said she is “especially proud” it has resulted in this adoption.

The president of ESCAN, Fernando Soleto explained that the primary and most important function of this work “is the recovery of the natural social barriers for people who have been downtrodden, whose rights have all been violated and who have been damaged, using assisted therapy with animals we are managing to help them recover”.

Regarding this specific case in Torrevieja, he said “the Rottweiler is potentially dangerous, all our dogs are like this because it is channelled for recuperation and protection so they are dogs which have a special role. What they do is work with an impact muzzle, which means they comply with the law completely as biting is not permitted in Spain. The impact muzzle is a Swedish design with a steel tip, which can be very useful for protection by hitting the person who is trying to attack and give the victim time to call help, use whatever means she has available, protect herself and make some time so that the attacker cannot achieve their objective,” he explained.

On Tuesaday at the Torrevieja Municipal Animal Shelter Happy met the victim with whom he is going to start his new life for the first time. A new opportunity for both of them. The woman said she is excited to be part of this project and sent a message of optimism by saying “it is possible to get out, it takes a lot but it can be done”.

Among the criteria for ESCAN to consider including a woman in the programme are that there must be a definitive court sentence that there was violence, there is a valid restraining order, other psychological factors and an ability of the victim to bond with the dogs.