21 bins were burned over three nights causing residents great alarm

The Guardia Civil arrested on Friday in Almoradí the person they suspect set fire to 21 wheelie and recycling bins on different streets during three consecutive nights on which the fire brigade had to come out and extinguish them.

Almoradí Town Hall informed that the person responsible for these incidents has been arrested thanks to the collaboration of several Local Police officers, who during the first days of the investigation provided the Guardia Civil with relevant data about the movements of the suspect, who has admitted he did it.

Thanks to the data they provided, the Guardia Civil were able to centre their efforts on permanently watching the objective, in this way preventing more criminal acts from being committed, which have been generating great social alarm.

The Chief Ensign of the Guardia Civil Station personally passed his congratulations and thanks to the Mayoress of Almoradí María Gómez, who passed it on to the Chief of the Local Police “so that he can extend it to the officers who showed a high grade of professionalism”.