Technical problem causing occasional stenches despite new roof investment

Torrevieja Mayor José Manuel Dolón is meeting with water company Agamed this week about the management of waste water from the EDAR treatment station and the bad smells that are coming from it.

He noted that management of waste water in Torevieja involves the pub;ic company EPSAR, the Town Hall as the mayor is the president of Agamed, the government’s Segura Hydrographic Confederation and the Torremiguel Farmerns Community which uses the treated water.

He then explained that one of the connections is causing leaks but he is worried that because it is a metre wide if it is not in perfect condition it could cause problems.

The mayor noted he has been asking everyone involved to do something about this urgently because the situation could get worse in the summer. He assured he has written letters and made calls but has now had to call this meeting to demand guarantees the service will be provided “with absolute perfection”.

After years of demanding something be done about the smells and despite the significant recent investment to cover the sewage tank, at busy times particularly June and September there can still be bad smells. This is due to the abrupt change in the volume to treat between winter and summer. “All this can be improved and we cannot force residents to live in a possibly unhealthy and completely unpleasant situation with bad smells,” he said.

The mayor insisted there has to be efficient and transparent management of a fundamental service like waste water.

Lastly he informed that the Torrevieja EDAR is going to also treat water from Orihueka Costa which will be a significant increase especially in the summer. Although he said he agrees with sharing public services, this is only if residents’ safety can be guaranteed as it makes no sense to improve an important area like Orihuela Costa if we degrade the quality of life for people in Torrevieja.