Some of Russia’s biggest film stars will be in Torrevieja for this event

If you’re a true cinephile and are passionate about films from all over the world, or even if you have some Russian neighbours and would like to get to know them better, you won’t want to miss out on the IV edition of the International Festival of Russian Cinema being held in Torrevieja this weekend.

In addition to offering showings of some of the most well-known Russian pieces of theatre and films of all times, the City of Salt will also welcome several of the East Slavic nation’s biggest stars from the world of film and cinema, plus the Spanish actors Ángel Gutiérrez and Enrique Muñoz.

The International Festival of Russian Cinema is being held between Friday 29 June and Tuesday 3 July 2018 at the Virgen del Carmen Cultural Centre, with the event creating much hype and excitement in Russia itself. Many Russian families have planned their holidays to coincide with the Russian Film Festival in Torrevieja, as they will have a better chance of getting close to their favourite actors over here than they would back home.

During the five-day event, a total of two theatre pieces, the short film titled “CARONT” by Andrei Selivanov, a stand-up comedy show, and eight Russian films will be shown.

The films will be shown in their original language with Spanish subtitles, and entrance to the public is free of charge.

Friday 29 June

18:30h. Opening ceremony

21.00h. Film “GRANDE” by Valery Todorovsky

Saturday 30 June

12.00h. Film “AMOR Y SAX” by Alla Surikova

14.00h. Film “LEYENDA DE KOLOVRAT” by Dzanik Fayziev

19.30h. Theatre “Un pequeño favor de un gran amigo”

Sunday 1 July

12.00h. Film “DESPIÉRTAME” by Guillame Protsenko

14.00h. Film “ANNA KARENINA. HISTORIA DE VRONSKIY” by Karen Shakhnazarov

19.30h. Theatre “No existen maridos ajenos”

Monday 2 July

19.30h. Stand-Up show with Román Kositsyn

21.00h. Film “DE QUÉ HABLAN LOS HOMBRES. CONTINUACIÓN” by Fluza  Farkhshatova

Tuesday 3 July

12.00h. Film “FRONTERA” by Dmitriy Tyurin

14.00h. Film “UNA VEZ EN REZEKHNE” by Alexander Barshak

14.45h. Short film “CARONT” by Andrey Selivanov

18.30h. Closing ceremony and awards presentation

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