Ciudadanos criticise Town Hall is paying €43,200 per year to rent “unhealthy” building

“€3,600 per month to house a museum in a semibasement plagued with cockroaches. this is the inheritance of the PP that the new Council has not known how to put right,” said Ciudadanos (Cs) councillor Paqui Parra. She claimed this “worsens even more the image of the Museum of Salt and the Sea, dedicated to the two most traditional jobs in the town, and causes an unhealthy situation in public premises.”

She criticised that Torrevieja residents are paying €43,200 per year for services which are in a space “more like a converted hovel than a tourist attraction”. For this reason she demanded the Council speed up the opening of the Semana Santa Museum so the Salt and Sea museum can be moved to “a more dignified space”.