Ida y Vuelta festival returns with concerts, movies, activities and more

The third edition of the Hispano-Cuban season Ida y Vuelta (There and Back) will promote, explore and celebrate the links between the Spanish and Cuban peoples from July 16th to the 21st.

Organised by Torrevieja Town Hall, Alicante University, the Ida y Vuelta Cultural Association and the Cuban Embassy, there will be conferences, cinema, gastronomy, art, activities for children and adults and plenty of music.

Alicante University is offering series of conferences (in Spanish) about the fusion of and mixing of Spain and Cuba which is open to everyone.


Monday, July 16th – El Valor de la Amistad (The Value of Friendship)

Street Art project, on the exterior wall of the Sala de Exposiciones Vista Alegre (until July 19th) by Zësar Bahamonte (Sevilla) with help from Sean (Torrevieja) and musical entertainment by DJ Ion Din Anina (Sevilla).

10pm – Cinema: Viva Cuba (Cuba, 2005, 80mins). Directed by Juan Carlos Cremata. An unusual road movie about the strong friends ship between two boys from very different social classes with a theme of emigration. In the patio of the Carmen Jalón Municipal Library.

Tuesday July 17th – Cinema with few resources and lots of creativity

Open summer course conferences –  Spain and Cuba: Fusion and interbreeding. At the Palacio de la Música.

7pm – Creating and representing the reality of Cuba in film: the challenge of making everyone uncomfortable, by Alejandro Hernández (Cuban scriptwriter and writer).

8pm – Documentaries on the journey there and back: a vision of the other with few resources and lots of creativity, by Teresa Huerta (director and screenwriter for the Cuban Institute for Radio and Television).

10pm – Cinema: La Bella del Alhambra (Cuba, 1989, 108mins). Directed by Enrique Pineda. Winner of the Goya award for best foreign film. A reflection of atmosphere and artistic life in Havana from 1920-1935. In the patio of the Carmen Jalón Municipal Library.

Wednesday July 18th – The forgotten blackness of Spain.

Open summer course conferences –  Spain and Cuba: Fusion and interbreeding. At the Palacio de la Música.

7pm – AntropoMúsica de Ida y vuelta. A musical conference by Raúl Rodríguez explaining the connection between flamenco and popular Caribbean music based on over 20 years of research, including the presentation of a new instrument, the “tres flamenco”.

8pm – La Perla Negra (the Black Pearl), rumba and Salome-mania in Spanish variety shows (1912-1928).

10pm – Cinema: Gurumbé: Canciones de tu memoria negra (Spain, 2017, 72mins). Documentary about Africans brought to Seville to be sold as slaves who gave shape to the popular music other marginalised communities such as the gypsies, moors and Andalusians, leading to the birth of flamenco). In the patio of the Carmen Jalón Municipal Library.

Thursday July 19th – Art, fusion and Cuban music.

Open summer course conferences –  Spain and Cuba: Fusion and interbreeding. At the Palacio de la Música.

7pm – Mambo on fire! José Arteaga (writer and journalist for Gladys Palmera) gives a tour of all the musical styles with Latin American influences.

8pm – Gladys Palmera Collection. Tommy Meini (director of the Gladys Palmera catalogue and database) presents the most extensive collection of Afro-Cuban music).

9:30pm-12am – Inauguration of exhibition Hacer las Americas? (Making the Americas). Geo-graphics of different and common spaces where Africans, Cubans and Spaniards invite us on their journey. With musical entertainment by José Arteaga and Tommy Meini playing Cuban classics and rarities from the 1920s to the present. The exhibition is open until September 2nd.

Friday July 20th: Verbena Marinera (Sea-faring Dance)

By the sea in the Parque de Doña Sinforosa.

7pm-9pm – African percussion and flamenco dancing workshop for all the family by Lola Morales and Arantxa Blanco Dance Academy. Limited places, first come first served.

9pm-10:30pm – Miguelito Quesada Septet. Salsa and Son Cubano music (Cuba and Spain). Talented musicians with an essential repertoire to understand Cuban music, and have lots of fun.

Art and craft stalls by Spanish, African and Cuban aartisans.

Food and cocktail bar in aid of the charity Nueva Fraternidad.

11pm-1am – Dance session by Ion Din Anina (Sevilla). Global DJ who mixes Afro-Latino classics with electronica to combine the past, the present and the future.

Saturday July 21st – Music by the sea

At the Natural Swimming Pools on the Paseo Juan Aparicio.

9:30pm – Arará Latin Jazz Quartet (Alicante). A set of their own works and traditional jazz standards and Cuban themes, all fused with Latin jazz rhythms.

11pm – Raúl Rodríguez (Sevilla). Artist and anthropologist presenting an adventure that combines Afrobeat, flamenco, psychedelia, son Cubano, voodoo rhythms, Andalusian rock and Americana. Featuring seven other musicians who play the best flamenco fusion from Sevilla and Barcelona.

12:30am-4am – After party at Restaurante Los Cucalos Puerto Puerto Marina Salinas with DJ set by Ion Din Anina.