Last night, on the night of San Juan, Costa went to Rojales to participate in the reenactment of the legend of La Encantá.

La Encantá is an enchanted Moorish princess, who was prisoned by her father in the Cabezo Soler hills of the town for falling in love with a Moorish townsman.

The princess, according to legend, appears every 100 years on the night of San Juan so that a young man can break the spell put on her by her father. In order to do this, the man must carry the princess down the hill to the river and wet her feet in the water. If he completes the task, he will be rewarded with the princess’ love. But if he fails, he will die with his tongue sticking out.

After meeting at the Mercadona supermarket at 10 pm last night, a group of around 100 torch-wielding people, including us, treked up to the Cabezo Soler via dusty paths and a moderately steep hill.

A bonfire was lit at the bottom of the Cabezo Soler hill and then a masked storyteller, aided by three monsters, appeared to relay the story of La Encantá and her curse.

Following this, those present tossed pieces of paper, on which they had written their wishes, into the fire and jumped over the bonfire seven times each (we missed this bit).

The evening was rounded off with a small plastic cup of sherry and a leisurely decent back into town, with the Costa team almost heading off around a different hill in the wrong direction.


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