He was nicknamed ‘El Solitario’ by the Guardia Civil and often posed as a policeman to overturn rival gangs… He also often posed as a woman!

The Guardia Civil has arrested one of the most sought after criminals on the Vega Baja, who they found in his bunker-style home with secret walls and hiding places throughout.

At the time of his arrest in the Albacete town of Albatera, ‘El Solitario’ was armed and had 275 kilos of different types of drugs stored in a hiding place in his home and with a value of about 1.5 million euro.

The 37-year-old Moroccan is accused of the crimes of drug trafficking, illegal possession of weapons, forgery, a serious attack on an agent of the authority, crimes against the estate and against road safety, and with six judicial warrants for his arrest outstanding.

In the same operation, another man and a woman were arrested, of 19 and 32 years of age and Moroccan and Spanish nationality respectively, and a fourth is under investigation, a Spanish man, 54, for his alleged involvement in these crimes.

In the search conducted in the dwelling of the main detainee, two short firearms, loaded and ready to be used, were found next to him, one of them modified to “shoot bursts, as if it were a submachine gun”, according to a statement from the Guardia Civil.

Similarly, inside a room dug into the wall of the room, covered with the head of the bed, they found more than 276 kilos of drugs (262 of hashish and 14 of marijuana, and 132 grams of cocaine), all believed to have been obtained by robbing rival gangs, valued at about 1.5 million euro.

Concerned about the six judicial demands (Orihuela, Elche, Vinarós-Castellón, Granada, Seville and Vera-Almería), he had settled in an isolated house in the town of Albatera (Alicante), in a bunker style, impenetrable from outside and, built in its interior structure with false walls to hide drugs and various weapons.

He was “the perfect neighbour, always kind and polite”, but, as soon as he got into his vehicle, he was already beginning to commit crimes.

He carried a false identity card and the car had fake licence plates, and was characterised by “a wig that sometimes made him look like a woman, if you looked at him from behind”.

Beneath that appearance was hidden “a dangerous man, tanned by the time he had been in prison, and who distrusted being part of any criminal group other than his own.”

In fact, he also overturned rival drug trafficking gangs, operations in which he was armed and posing as a policeman.

If he was ever spotted, he avoided being caught by officers, driving dangerously and at risk to other road users, “and he did not hesitate to ram his vehicle against them to cause injuries to the officers”.

The Guardia Civil of Crevillente had investigated the suspect since December, in a “complex operation” in which, due to his background and knowing that he was armed, “they have had to take extreme security measures”. After his arrest, the offender has been placed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction No. 1 of Elche, which has decreed his entry into prison.

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