Concerns have been raised over the health and safety of players, referees and spectators

The Royal Spanish Football Federation is proposing changing the schedule of football matches due to the high temperatures of summer, in order to “ensure the health of athletes, referees, spectators and organizers of the meetings.”

The decision was taken by the Executive Committee of the RFEF who proposed to amend Article 214 of the General Regulations to “achieve greater protection of athletes and their supporters in the soccer fields,” the agency said.

With this proposal, the RFEF intend to change the game plan so that national category games are affected when “temperatures exceed 28 degrees or where there is a relative humidity of over 70 percent.”

If the CSD gives the nod to the proposal, the RFEF wants the protection period to be from 20 May to 10 September. In addition, the RFEF suggests briefly interrupting the game “for hydration of the players and referees to minimize risks is necessary,” at most once for each period of play and as long as 25 minutes has been exceeded, and being a maximum break of two minutes.

Also, the federation are concerned that there is a risk to the health of athletes, referees, spectators and organisers with the meetings of Second Division B to Second division games, which will take place this weekend, including such teams as Elche and Cartagena, to which it urges clubs to show “sensitivity” so that “everyone can enjoy these wonderful shows, but always protecting health.”